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Batch : BATCH109
Duration : 5 Days

  • What is WebServices and concepts of Integration Methodologies?  
  • Discussion on WSDL, SOAP, SOAPUI Pro Tool,  XML
  • Projects with WebServices
  • SoapUI Pro Process and installation procedure
  • Working with Projects create project and add multiple WSDL to one project
  • Webservices Description Language, XML, WSDL, SOAP and REST protocols
  • 4 hours of XML TESTING VIDEOS
  • Web Services with SoapUI Pro
  • Adding properties to Project and how to use the values from project level and Test Suite level properties indifferent scenarios
  • Mock Services using SoapUI pro
  • Parameterization of Data / Data Driven Testing using SOAPUI tool -  Data Grid and using data from local Excel file.
  • Create Automation Test Suite, Test case and adding steps to each test case
  • How to add and implement
  • SOAP Test Request
  • Groovy Script
  • Properties
  • Property Transfer
  • How to add Assertions and validate different scenarios in Request / Response XML and compare with pre defined data from Properties.
  • XPath & XQuery with SoapUI
  • How to write Groovy Script - Programming standards, concepts of Variables, writing logic to validate response xml
  • Defining variables to get the data from properties
  • If condition, for loop, etc..
  • How to debug the script, etc.
  • JDBC-[java database connectivity ] Connection. Write script to connect to Database and retrieve the data and compare the data with the response xml
  • How to add Assertions and validate different scenarios using Groovy script
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