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KRISHNA  is proud to be the information technology training institute in Virginia involved in corporate and on-site training for beginners and professionals, specializing in quality assurance and technologies such as JAVA, ASP.NET, SQL and UNIX.

Our training cannot be compared to crash courses usually offered by companies.  We offer a one-of-a-kind, detailed, and customized approach to Quality Assurance, spending at least 45 business days training all types of IT professionals or beginners who want to learn more information on the subject. Classes are conducted by accomplished certified trainers or real time hands-on IT professionals.  Our goal is to train people to excel in their professions by receiving a well-rounded utility course that addresses day-to-day activities in all types of IT positions. Students of our training have commended our dedicated, full-time qualified faculty for making an enormous impact on their professions. 

Once students have completed the respective training course, our sophisticated marketing and sales teams work with each student individually to find a suitable position commensurate with the experience of the student.  There is no obligation to work with Krishna Training to find a suitable match, however, our team is available to market your resume and help place you in a position.

Our training facility is equipped with top of the line tools, software, and systems to present a real life scenario to each student. Assistance is given to each student through a portal that provides documentation, videos, and online courses in addition to the classroom courses offered. Trainers work with students to ensure that they have access to all the utilities needed to excel in the course and in their future IT position.

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