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How To Convert A Parameter To An Integer
How to convert a parameter to an integer


Problem Description: How to convert a parameter to an integer

Solution: Use the atoi function

To convert a parameter to integer:
1. Covert the parameter to a string using lr_eval_string.


2. Convert the string to a number using atoi.

x=atoi(lr_eval_string("{Parameter_name}") );

int x;
char temp[20];

/* Tell LoadRunner what to look for in next return from server*/
web_reg_save_param("example", "LB=copy; ", "RB=, Mercury Corporation ",LAST);

/* Make request of server that returns the data we are looking for */
web_url("MERCURY", "URL=", LAST);

/* Check to see what was captured */
lr_output_message("%s", lr_eval_string("{example}") );

/*Convert the parameter to a string, and convert the string to a number*/
x=atoi(lr_eval_string("{example}") );

/* Output the number*/
lr_output_message("%d", x);

return 0;


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