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Hi Krishna,

Thank you so much for your support to make changes in my career.
I was totally new to this field used to work in stores.
Your training pushed me to right direction.

I was in your weekend morning batch if you recollect.

The way you used to push to talk and describe the project was memorable. How hard it was to speak for 3/4 minutes. 😉

I still remember if you ask some question to class most of the time i did not have answer. Luckily if i had sometimes you used to say "This is very ley man answer 😋"

I got job in oct of 2015 and how soon i worked in around 3 projects.
My team is helping me to make FTE.

May God Bless You Krishna.

Best Regards


Krishna training is no doubt the best training out there. With the knowledge and confidence I gained from the training, I was able to pursue a job in performance testing quite easily. Thanks to Krishna for his commitment and dedication. Go Krishna training!!!


When I joined Krishna Training, I was not too sure what to expect. This was my third training session in the industry and the first two sessions had not helped me gain any confidence in switching my managerial career in health care industry to IT industry. Krishna Training not only explained IT process to me but also helped me gain that confidence I needed. Krishna helped me with my resume and also the interview process. After this training and two months of paid internship with one of the nation’s biggest hotel chain. I went to apply for jobs and I got 5 job offers. Thank you so much Krishna. Because of you and the training you provided I am now working successfully in the industry for almost 5 years.

Ami - Sr. Test Engineer

I am so thankful to you Krishna, you are really a good teacher. I learned a lot from you. You motivate us to go ahead without any fear in our career. You helped me a lot n cant forget how you helped me everytime i had my interview. You prepared me for facing all kind of interviews so well that today i am leading a project myself. I just want to ket everybody knows about me that i started my career as a tester two years ago after Krishnatraining and today i am test lead at a reputed company thts just bcz of you. Till today if i face any kind of issue, i just call you without any hesitation and you always helped us no matter whats the time. Thank you Krishna for everythng.

Shikha verma -




I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the training that you have given



Good Evening Krishna Sir and Raj

I am very happy to let you know that I got a job as Software Tester, and I am going to start on xxxxx

Thanks so much Krishna sir for offering this intensive training program at Germantown and for the wide coverage of different topics. This has helped me very much and I am starting my career now and hope to grow and move up on the ladder with all I have learnt through this training. Your determination and genuine interest in the career growth of your students is amazing. My heartfelt gratitude shall forever be there for you. Thanks again, Krishna sir.

Raj, thank you for everything. You are an amazing teacher. What ever I spoke in the interview, I learnt from you. Your dedication, patience, and attention to detail as a teacher is something wonderful. You always made sure that we got the concepts right and that conceptual understanding only landed me on this job. The way you taught all the concepts, we felt like gaining experience in the real work scenario. I really appreciate all your support and guidance.

And I have to thank Mona for her support all the time when I reached out to her. She's such a sweet and supportive person.

Thanks so much for everything. Looking forward to learn so many things from you all!

Warm Regards


I attended training in September of 2014, I really loved it and I have very high respect for krishna Sir and his team did really good job about the training almost 4 1/2 months. every bit of QA is been taught and no regrets, landed in the job in February 2015, and thanks to krishna, I thank only krishna no one else, not even myself. Krishna is the only reason that i am surviving in my life with my son, I am happy that he taught us so much that i cannot explain. You please go and experience the fact. Just go and join. No one can train you better than krishna , I got transformed. as he says always Never giveup

radhi - Masters


[1/19, 12:17 PM] student: Hi Krishna....just wanted to let you know that I am now working in Texas capital bank. My happiness is incomplete without sharing this with you. You gave me courage and confidence and I am truly thankful to you.
[1/19, 12:23 PM] student: It's a online banking and mobile application. Basically tcb is creating whole new application with the partnership of Q2 . It's a phase 1 so hopefully project Will last minimum 1year.
[1/19, 12:24 PM] Krishna Grandhi: I wish u all the best ..neetu let me know if u need any help
[1/19, 12:24 PM] student: Thanks Krishna. It feels good that you still care for your old students. Thank you for inspiring us.
[1/19, 12:29 PM] student: Sure Krishna I really appreciate that. Mortgage video helped me before and this job is also I got because of them. Very much thank to veni who thought me about mortgage concepts. I wrote down every single word from that videos.


I complete two years as a QA Engineer in a McLean based company this October and even to this day I give all the credit to Krishna. I can confidently say that my decision to join Krishna Training was one of the best decisions of my life. Krishna grooms you to not just be a tester but definitely his students are groomed to be outstanding testers with loads of confidence. I have recommended Krishna Training to a lot of people and will continue to recommend even in the future. Keep going Krishna!!!!!

Reham - QA Engineer



Hi Ria,

Sure I will Ria, I wish I get a mic , I want to say the whole world about Krishna Sir, You don't know, How I was before coming to the class, sitting home with kids, Watching TV just like that, Krishna Sir made me transformed. Really JOIN KRISHNA TRAINING AND GET TRANSFORMED, You people keep your Word and transformed our world.

In the web site if I post a review do my name come?? Since my class is not over will it be problem for me?? Our SQL Class is still going on.



Hello Ria, This mail is to Krishna Sir,

Krishna Sir,
I am Mahi, your weekend batch student (Herndon).
I am glad and exited to tell you I got the offer letter and estimated start date as July 21 as Junior Tester.
I don't know how to express my gratitude to you. I joined the course without expecting much, May be I get a job... that was my mind set. BUT...
In 5 months I am here with an offer letter only because of you Sir.
Thank you so much Sir, Thank you so much,
You make people like us sitting at home to professionals. I am in touch with Ria for the further procedures.

Once again Thank you Sir,


nice to talking again after long time. Hope you and your family are doing fine. Actually I got first break in my job through you only after getting training from ur institute. I joined in Verizon 2008 and worked one year and later went to India for my kids studies. Worked in same verizon company till April 2014 and resigned as My daughter got admission for her undergrad in William and Mary college. So last Saturday only we came back to Williamsburg,VA. Requesting you to let me if you come up any openings in and around Richmond and Norfolk area as it's close for the family. Appreciate your support.i will send my resume as well. Please let me know. Thanks.


One of the best decisions that I made was to enroll in the intensive QA course at the mecca of software testing "Krishna Training"

Krishna is a Great Teacher and the training offered are tailored Courses/Tools which are taught by experienced professionals. The highlight of this training is hands on experience that industry demands with access to lab,collection of videos and the website with endless testing related information.

Our Greatest weakness lies in giving up.The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Always my motto would be "Never give up".

Thank you Krishna.
~ Transformed Student


Hello Krishna, With God's grace and and blessings I have found a consulting job as a QA Analyst in DC. I have been working since July 2013. Thank you for all your help and encouragement during the classes last year.


My sincere suggestion to who ever coming to testing training just work hard and focus on what krishna teaches... you will know the depth of training only after we finish the training... Krsihna gives you so much subject information, try to induce in mind as much as possible and keep reading the material that we have on krishnatraining website. Prepare well... Have confidence! I wish you all the best.

I come from non IT background, though thank you is a small word, I should whole heartedly thank krishna for transforming me to a SOFTWARE ENGINEER :)

Krishna’s Student
Please do not post my name... please remove my name from these questions and also from the feed back :)


I am actually an old student with krishna training which was way back for basic QA training and recently i have gone back to the institute to upgrade my skill set in certain tools like selenium, Soap UI and ETL testing tools.I have to tell you that he has still the same passion in teaching.Over the period i have seen people taking it easy once the institute becomes famous.But you still maintain the same commitment in teaching us .Thank you for helping me out.I am a QA manager now leading a team of 20 testers.If you want to learn about QA there is no other institute like krishna training and like krishna himself.


Thanks for your wonderful training and the confidence and making people know their strengths. your training is really special because YOU MAKE PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT THEY ARE. especially when we all come from India with good education and good engineering degree. when i came to this country i felt help less and direction less and dint' know what to do , i heard about your organization from one of my friends who recently got the job that is when i decided to join you and yes, i got what i want from your trust me more than any thing the training and the training leadership and ownership that you take is amazing u even shouted at me 2 times when i didn't explain it properly i felt literally i am in my school days , yes we need that kind of push from a instructor at my age i am 36 now got settled with your help and direction. I am writing this review whole heartedly because there are lot of girls comes from India and don't' know what to do. but yes I got help from you they can message me any time i can give my experiences that i had with your organization i GOT JOB in first interview.(my FIRST interview in my life Can you believe that) . I dont know how much that i learned from you. it is not like a institute where they teach some stuff and let you go and try for the jobs. Yes i didnt' get the job with u r organization, you offered me one job but it was little far for me i rejected it. i found this job next to our house in ash burn. I am happy guys hope this review helps. there are people who take things easy and do not even show the interest to come to the classes. I am not sure how they get it. if any one follow your words and if they follow properly when u say watch specific videos, they do not need anything else. Thanks for all the promises that you delivered




"Success is never an accident, but it is the result of the right decisions at the right time!". I feel that I have taken a right decision at the right time and took the wonderful training at Krishna Training. And Krishna himself is a very positive energy person who keeps it flowing to his students by boosting their confidence. For me, it resulted in getting two job offers in which I had to choose one. I feel proud and fortunate. Words can't express my gratitude to Krishna. Small token/message of appreciation to the awesome training I got......"THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART"


Hi Krishna hope all is well at your end. Just wanted to share that with your help I am a project manager for a federal project now :), I still remember the day that you shouting at me in the class to improve my communication skill.. thanks for every word that you share with us and trust me each and every word that you spoke with us is valuable to establish and expell in our career. Geetha also got the job and we are working together, i was in Testing moved to Project manager this year. GOD bless you for all your help.... I could achieve all this because of your teachings. Thanks again


Hi Krishna,

I wanted to say thank you for helping me succeed in this field. I was in your last weekend batch (2012-13). I am so proud to inform you that I got a job as a System Tester, that also in my very first interview. I was able to find a job within a month after I have completed the course. The small things that u made us do in the class (like downloading a software) really helped. First day at work my manager gave me a brand new system and asked me to set up and gave me a list of software that I have to download.

I was able to do it. Also the interview tips that u gave was so helpful. After explaining SDLC and my projects the interviewer was really impressed and he said "u have already answered my next 10 questions". I don't think that I could have explained things that well if I didn't have come for your training. This training really boosted my confidence. Now I am very confident when I am on conference calls and meetings with PM, developers and BA. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH.



I’ve been 4 years software testing Yes, I am transformed on Automation with I searched for training on Automation for many years, I finally found such a good instructor like krishna's, His understanding on freshers is very high, just as in the hands on experience that the industry demand out there, it is a course with a high return on the investment, I do not think that in the all Internet today there is a better high level course then this particular one. -Manohar


Online training was really good. I am very much impressed with the krishna. He is one of the best instructors that i have ever seen in my life The other trainers are very helpful and solving all the questions i have. The online training session was very much interactive,They directly connect to our systems and help us every day it is like hands on training it was a great experience learning the complete course from my home and i recommend many of my friends Thanks for every thing. I am also Transformed and I am a proud student of -Swapna from Florida


Hello Krishna sir,

Hope you are doing great today ! First of all let me remind you about me I'm ranir from ur May,2012 evening batch ! if u still can not recall then simply I'm the one who used to speak too fast in class ! talk non stop😋and now I would like to thank you for helping me and many other students like me to help in achieving the jobs by giving them confidence and trust in oneself... Second I would love to share this news with you as I know being my mentor you will be happy for me too I'm working as a Jr.TestEngineer in a v good reputed company ibm Washington DC... it's a short term contact but a very good head start for me... And trust me all the learning that I got from you in your class is helping me alot to work in such a highly professional environment!

I'm so sorry for not being able to respond many requirements send by Austin/Peter due to my some personal engagements... But I'll be looking for some good requirement from them in near future...

One again thank you so much for all your help and you are one of those few teachers who has truly inspired me! I have huge respect for you and will always praise you in good words and
would come some day to see you in your class to share my class experience with other students like me.

Thanks and Regards


This training has opened the path for me – VB scripting has been my fear and obstuction to moving forward in test automation, but this training has broken that barrier and I am very grateful. – Mukesh, US.


Dear Krishna Sir!

Sitting in Lancaster Pennsylvania wanting to change my career and with minimal knowledge on Computers - I was advised by my good friend to take up IT but I hesitated. She encouraged me to look for QA Training.

I went on to Sulekha.Com - Typed QA Training. TA-DA numerous centers popped up but "QA Training in VA" jumped up with YELLOW/RED/BLACK colors. I felt HERNDON, VA ain’t a bad option to try out.

I called - set my appointment/scheduled/paid up for One month training by none other than YOU, Sir. Of course, I was all set for a change and so were other students. All of us came with a dream, hope and desire to succeed in changing our career, life and future.

I brought a BOOK and sat in a corner. As my eyes rolled all over the class room, apart from students, Within minutes here you enter, "The Krishna Sir".

My 1st impression - Huh! A young lad.

As you started to teach, I realized you mastered in tutoring people. We were all awe of you and your grip on the subject. Of course, for me in the beginning it was all - ALIEN LANGUAGE as computer was an entertainment for me not a CAREER.

As classes took off - You taught us Manual Testing/Few Automation tools. Taught basic things like creating a resume in word and literally spoon fed all of us the ignorant/naive students, whose eyes were twinkling with star of hope and ambition... Obviously we had no confidence on ourselves from within.

We sat for 3 hours every day Mon-Fri evening - Wrote every word he uttered. But, I must say – Sir! You were hilarious, funny, had such funny stories and of course you never made us feel bad about learning to walk again.

With you hard work/dedication/ strength to teach us to climb, walk, crawl, trek the world of IT. I remember your humble beginning as you worked hard while making peanuts for tutoring us. I have seen you rise above your difficulties and obstacles with confidence. And you have taught us the same "NEVER GIVE UP".

Many years later - Walking in to your institute and seeing you teach new comers with high end technology/visual access to acquire skills, reminded me of my good old days in KRISHNA TRAINING. The present students who are attending your class "ONLINE/PERSONALLY" are extremely blessed and should count their blessings.

Krishna Sir, You haven’t changed a bit in your tutoring nor did you lose the charm in convincing us that we could buy a BUGGATTI nor did you forget to support/help those who depended upon you.

Faith/Strength/Hope/Ambition/Desire & Confidence you instill in us to Succeed & Fight for what we rightfully deserve to BE!

Thanking you with utmost respect KRISHNA Sir!

-Vasu...One of your Students

I’ve been 6 years software testing Yes, I am transformed on Automation testing with I searched for training on Automation for many years, I never found such a good guide like krishna's, His level training is very high, just as in the hands on e xperience that the industry demand out there, it is a course with a high return on the investment, I do not think that in the all Internet today, there is a better high level course then this particular one. -Neelam- US.

Neelam - Sr.QA Analyst

kRISHNA, I dont' have any words to talk about your training and commitment, In my entire life I never saw any trainer better than you. Best part is your motivational speaches by you krishna. I am so thankfull to life is changed somuch after your training. I love them and yes. It worked for me thanks for the excelent training As your website says.."Get Transformed", Yes Transformed me. thanks Vasudha



Thanks for your wonderful training in boosting up confidence and making people know their strengths. your tarining is really special because YOU MAKE PEOPLE REALISE WHAT THEY ARE.

i GOT JOB in yesterdays interview.(my FIRST interview in my life Can you believe that) iam attending todays interview with ARC pray for me Paddu

Padmaja -

I got a permanent job as a QA Tester in Fairfax and also I got another job in DC. I am taking the job in Fairfax. Thank you very much for your training and I appreciate all your help. I recommended lot of my friends to your testing class and they all joined and got a great feedback.

Archana - Sr. QA Engineer

Krishna Sir I want to express my gratefulness and appreciation for the amount you have taught me. I truly feel confident about my new career in testing. Three months ago I was so comfortable at my bank job making 50K but after I spoke with you and Riya I knew I had to quit that job because you made me realize that I have the potential to be more successful. Now I am very successfully QA engineer. Thanks for giving me opportunity. After your training I am extremely confident on facing the interviews interviews and sitting in front of a computer doing software testing!!!!.....I never thought it would be possible. You have made me realize that being confident is a primary key to success. thanks for all your Help I can say I am one of the proud students of Krishna

Usha Paruchuri - QA engineer
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